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                                          Greetings from  WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS. Hope you are good and having a colorful life. Getting to know the pulse of our beloved readers, this time we are back with the post related to religion i.e ISLAM WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS. Without any doubt, the name itself tells many things to us. There are 1.8 billion Muslim people worldwide and an estimated 3.45 million Muslims living in the United States. Islam is currently the second-largest religion in the world next to Christianity. These many people and our daily readers to our page always try to know new things, so these ISLAM WHATSAPP INVITE LINKS always takes you to much more interesting and useful topics to know many new things every day.
                                                Daily study of the Quran is the most accepted tradition of all the Muslims. It is an undeniable fact that the Qur'an is a living book that has influenced millions of people through its beauty and style. The superiority of the Qur'anic discourse was and still is, challenging. One can learn the message of the prophets from the Whatsapp Group Links. The Qur'an itself called upon its opponents to try to produce a discourse that measures up to it. The Qur'an repeatedly states that if the opponents will produce at any time a comparable discourse, they will automatically disprove the whole faith of Islam. The Qur'an has remained standing above and beyond any comparison in the whole Arabic literature ever since its revelation in the 7th century. The Holy Qur'an, therefore, has remained since the time of its introduction until now a great source of attraction for the Islamic faith. Here the ISLAM WHATSAPP GROUP JOIN LINKS are the best place to learn and teach all our brothers and sisters and helping them in studying Quran and the unknown about the Quran also can learn from the WhatsApp group links.
                                             Islam has clearly explained the universality of religion. The universality of Islamic teaching can be shown in its non-discriminatory teaching in regard to the human race, and in the recognition of all the previous prophets, all these can be learned in the Whatsapp Group Join LinksSince the time of its birth, Islam has carried the brand of universality. It addressed itself to the whole human race, discriminating neither among nations nor among ethnic groups. Every human being is a member of a huge family. No individual or nation is God's chosen or favorite creation because of birth, nationality, or belief in a particular dogma. People are equal in the sight of God, and everyone may have access to the kingdom of God if he (she) is righteous. One can easily imbibe themselves in the true reality of the Islamic god and those who don't know the preachings of prophet Mohd, they can be part of ISLAM WHATSAPP GROUP.
                                          One becomes short of words when they can't express themselves when they are truly feeling religious and imbibing themselves into the culture and traditions of the ISLAM. We don't want to miss the opportunity to learn more things about Islam and learning the meanings of the Quran. Those who already knew please help us and enlighten us by preaching many new things and prophet preachings. The following are the WHATSAPP GROUP RULES accompanied by the Islam Whatsapp Group Invite Join Links;

Islam Whatsapp Group Rules:

Let me share with you what are the WhatsApp group rules for maintaining a successful WhatsApp group. The following are the WhatsApp group rules one has to be abiding by;

  • Individual chatting, wishes, etc. should be avoided in a group.
  • When group is made for a specific purpose, copy-paste of general jokes, videos, cartoons should be avoided.
  • Except for family or close friends group, good morning/night messages are irrelevant.
  • Any negative comment on religion, community, political party should not be posted because indirectly we may hurt others.
  • The bulk post shall be avoided because most of the readers skip them.
  • Use common sense. Observe the initial reason why the group was set up in the first place. If it is for work purposes, keep it to that. Not everyone appreciates prayers and not everyone has the same sense of humor as you.
  • Beware that posting multiple messages in a group same day needs to be justified to the group admin, or it will be considered spam.
  • For the love of all things good, do not post those lame forwarded messages. “Forward this message to 10 people within three minutes and you will see: absolutely nothing will happen.”
  • Please do not discuss any religious matter, as there are several schools of thought being followed by our members with due respect to all.
  • Don’t share irrelevant forwarded audio, videos, photos, messages, Shir-o-Shayari or jokes in the group.
  • It is advised not to share any job postings. We have a separate and dedicated group for Job Openings. Job Seekers or Job Providers may request admin to join that Group.
  • Announcement of the event of other groups needs approval from Admin before circulation.
  • Always keep in mind that a WhatsApp message will land into someone’s phone. Be sensible about the kind of messages you’ll be posting and the time you’ll be sending them.
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Conclusion: "Allah knows what is best for you and when it's the best for you to have it". You knew the true essence of it. A little hope in the inner Islamic me that you have joined the best WhatsApp group. The Islam Whatsapp Group Links have been gathered from authentic and verified sources so that you will join and have a great time by listening and studying the Glory of Islam. The real intention to post the WhatsApp group join links is that this has been requested by many followers of the Whatsapp group links. Hope you have liked our work. We always welcome you with an open heart, do bookmark our page, and follow us daily for more updates.

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